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Swim with Whales

Your guides and hosts are a couple of Ocean lovers who have spent the last 6 years facilitating  Whaleswims, Freedive and Yoga adventures around the world. Scott and Kristina are highly experienced Freedivers and Yoga teachers who create a fun and safe environment to encounter the Great Whales.

Who We Are


Scott Wilson

is an Award winning underwater photographer and cinematographer, focused on breath hold encounters with large marine animals.

Scott has been diving for over 30 years, and while he loves nothing more than the Ocean, he is equally at home in the bush. Formal education includes studies in Environmental science and Indigenous knowledges , and a diploma of Marine Science. Scott worked for many years with the First Nations people of Australia in the performing Arts and Cultural Education. Coming from a strong Yoga background, and with over 20 years of self practice and extensive teacher training, this foundation compliments a lifetimes experience underwater on Freedive, SCUBA and CCR. Scott is a certified PADI and AIDA freedive instructor, facilitating freedive /yoga events  in Tonga, Byron Bay, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, West Papua and Timor Leste

Kristina Aitchison

is an experienced Yoga instructor with over 1000 hours of training under her belt. She also has a background in Meditation, Pilates, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching and a degree in Psychology.

She enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga and incorporates strengthening Pilates and Yin yoga, to balance the body and release deeply stored tension. She has a passion for Meditation, which she likes to interweave with psychology, to help her students calm the mind and bring more joy to one’s life. In her classes, she combines targeted Yoga stretches with breathing and meditation techniques, to assist in breath-hold and free-diving training.

She also has a passion for Wellness Coaching, where she combines her training in Yoga, Fitness, Meditation and Psychology to assist her clients to fulfil their goals and reach their highest potential.


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