In search of the Blue Whale

The Largest animal to ever exist on our planet! Blue Whales in Sri Lanka.

7 nights accommodation

7 nights accommodation in a luxury, waterfront resort with very comfortable rooms, air con and wifi. Meals included. Daily Yoga.

5 days on the water

5 days on the water on our fast and comfortable 7-8 m private boat, perfect for long days on the water. Photography Workshops. Lunch and refreshments included.

World class freediving

Plenty of opportunities for World class free diving and visiting the spectacular Pigeon Island marine sanctuary.

USD$4500 per person.


The Tropical waters  of Sri Lanka are home to a resident population of Blue whales. It is the best place on the planet to regularly see Blue whales and have the chance to swim with them. Sperm whales are also a migratory visitor with mythical  “super pods” of whales gathering around April.

As well as Blue and Sperm whales, we commonly see Sei whales, Fin whales, Brydes whales, Minkes, Pilot whales,  and sometimes Orcas. There are several species of dolphins including Rissos, Pan Tropical Spotted and Spinners, Frasers, Bottlenose and Humpback dolphins- It really is a cetacean super highway !! We are also likely to  encounter Mobula rays and Turtles.

We operate out of smaller, tiller steer boats  about 7-8 metres in length, launching off the beach at sunrise into the rising sun and the glassy Indian Ocean.

Tropical water temperatures are  above 28 degrees C , a light neoprene or lycra  suit  is all that is required to protect you from the sun and wind.

Our skippers are experienced ex fishermen with great local knowledge and a network of fishermen who update us  hourly of whale activity. Typically we are back at our hotel by midday for a gourmet buffet lunch . That’s 5-6 hours on the water each day.

Our hotel is a luxury, waterfront resort with very comfortable rooms, air con and wifi. All rooms overlook the ocean. Meals  are included and the food is beyond fantastic, catering for western and asian tastes with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well as a wide selection  meat dishes and fresh seafood! The dessert options are decadent and divine.

We offer daily afternoon yoga classes with Kristina to relax and unwind.  Scott offers Freedive and underwater photography workshops to help improve your water skills.

Covid Entry Requirements

Currently Fully vaccinated travellers are able to travel freely as soon as they arrive in Sri Lanka, providing they have a negative result from a PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure and have proof of their vaccination status.

Unvaccinated travellers must stay within the Bio-security travel bubble for 14 days (unless to leave the country). The bubble consists of hotels that have been given Level 1 ‘Safe & Secure’ status by SLDTA (Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority) and travellers cannot leave the hotel, unless to transfer between level 1 hotels or visit approved excursions and sites. However, while at the hotel, guests can move around the grounds freely. 



The area is rich in cultural history, nearby is an ancient cliff top Shiva temple mentioned in the Ramayana well over 1000 years old. There is a spectacular Kali temple in town that has to be seen to be believed. All the sites are a close tuk tuk ride from our hotel. Ayurvedic massage and therapies are walking distance from the hotel.

We are also close to several national parks where you can see wild elephants, deer and monkeys in their oasis. A safari tour can be arranged by request.

Trincomale is on the north east coast of Sri Lanka. The international airport is Colombo on the west coast, and it is approximately a 5-6 hour transfer.

Our group size is limited to 6 guests and the trip is 1 week long with 5 days on the water and plenty of afternoon relaxation time for massages, shopping at the markets and relaxing.

USD$4500 per person.