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Whales . Yoga . Freediving

Swim with Blue Whales, Sperm whales, Pilot whales, spinner dolphins and more  in the waters of Timor Leste!

Timor Leste is a migratory path for Pygmy Blue Whales and  home to pods of resident Sperm Whales. As well as these Great whales there are many other species of dolphins,  including Pilot whales and Orcas frequently seen in the abundant waters of the Wetar straight.

Timor still remains relatively unknown for whale watching  and there are virtually no other boats operating in the area. Perfect conditions for intimate encounters with these ocean giants. There are also countless fantastic dive sites in the region boasting incredible macro and coral life.

Our tour includes

  • 7 nights accommodation in a  beautifully styled Hotel with private pool in Dili town centre.
  • Our rooms are fully air conditioned with ensuite bathrooms and outdoor entertaining area by the pool.
  • Breakfast included. We have a variety of dining options in house and nearby.
  • Lunch and refreshments included on the boat. Vegan, vegetarian, particular dietary requirements all catered for 🙂
  • Our two boats are fast and comfortable with deckhands to help you with your camera gear. Only 4 guests in each boat for close encounters.
  • Plenty of opportunities for World class free diving and snorkelling and exploring the local islands and reefs.
  • Enjoy daily yoga on the deck. Freedive coaching and certification available on request.
  • Freedive tuition and coaching
  • Daily yoga
  • $3500 USD per person.
  • We have a maximum 4 guests per boat to ensure a quality experience and plenty of time in the water with the whales.
  • Solo traveller is no problem our groups are usually mixed singles and couples and we are pretty much family by the end of the week.
  • You don’t need any diving experience you just need to be able to swim.
  • A deposit of US$2000 is required to secure your spot, balance of payment is due no later than 90 days before tour commences.
  • To pay by bank transfer or credit card let me know and I will send you an invoice.
  • If you have any questions about the trip please ask!
  • Daily flights to Dili are available from Bali or Darwin, Australia

7 nights accommodation

7 nights accommodation in a beautifully styled  villa apartment  with ensuite, just 5 mins from Dili town centre. Daily yoga on the deck.

5 days on the water

5 days on the water on our fast and comfortable 10 m private boat, perfect for long days on the water. Lunch and refreshments included.

World class freediving

Plenty of opportunities for World class free diving and snorkelling and visiting the local islands and reefs.

USD$3500 per person.

The Experience

Pygmy Blue whales migrate from their summer feeding  grounds in the Southern Ocean off South West Australia to the warm waters of the Banda Sea in Indonesia to mate and give birth.

Pygmy Blues are a subspecies of Blue Whale, the largest animal to have ever exsisited  on our planet. Blues are Baleen Whales which means they have no teeth but baleen, which is like big toothbrush bristles, which they use to sieve the krill they feed on. Pygmy Blues reach a length of around 24 metres.

Sperm whales frequent the deep canyons off Dili and are often seen in large matriachal pods of over a dozen whales often with their young. They are the largest toothed predator on the planet, cows averaging around 12 metres while the Bulls can reach up to 20 m in length and weigh over 60 tons. They are highly social and are usually seen in their family groups.

Many species of dolphins are seen including Spinners, Rissos, Pan Tropical spotted, Bottlenose and more. The larger Pilot and False killers are regularly seen as well as transient Orcas.


Timor Leste or “East Timor” is a Christian nation occupying the eastern half of the island Timor. From the 1600s it was a Portugese colony until 1975 when it declared independance for just 9days  before being invaded by Indonesia. In 2001 the people of Timor Leste voted in their own Government and have been an independant nation ever since.

Timor is located just to the North of Australia and just under the Banda Sea. Its neighbours are the Indonesian islands and West Papua. The island is surrounded by deep channels of the Wetar straight and the Timor Sea. Timor is very close to the Coral triangle and its marine biodiversity is incredible.

The people of Timor Leste are very friendly and it is  a safe place to visit with crime rates very low, the greatest threat to tourists is the poor quality of their roads!

USD$3500 per person.