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Whale watching Byron Bay and Coolangatta

Whale watching and swim with Humpback Whales !


Get on board “Whale Rider” our fast and comfortable rigid Inflatable boat purpose built for Eco tours in safety and comfort. After meeting at Fingal Head Boat ramp NSW the skipper will conduct a safety brief before embarking down the beautiful Tweed river and out into the open ocean. On the way we often  encounter Bottlenose dolphins, turtles and migratory seabirds such as Gannets and  shearwaters as well as the local Sea eagles and Ospreys.

Directly offshore from Coolangatta is the Humpback super highway, with over 30 000 whales migrating along the East coast. you can expect to see Humpback whales up close, and witness behaviour such as breaching, spy hopping, fin slapping ,tail waving and more!

Humpbacks are known as the acrobats of the cetacean kingdom, putting on great displays and often being as  curious about the humans as we are of them ! If you`re lucky you may experience a “mugging”- thats when a group of whales surround the boat and hold us captive until their curiosity is satisfied. We have had trips with groups of whales just metres from us for over 45 minutes.

Please bring water, sunglasses, hat and a weatherproof jacket. Due to covid we are unable to supply jackets at this time.

Our tour is approximately 4 hours from dock to dock, unless we get mugged and the whales keep us a bit longer!!

In the unlikely event we don`t see whales you are welcome to join the next available tour free of charge.